FaceBook Trick to View Anyones Private Album Photos and Pics sans Permission

By | September 9, 2009


This small greasemonkey script I found today allows one to view all the Photos in Anyone’s album even if you are not his/her Friend , to use this you would need greasemonkey installed . graesemonkey is a Firefox addon , so unfortunately this hack can only be used in Firefox only. if you are a newbie to greaseMonkey then see the following Video first .


Once , you have seen that video I think you might be able to use GreaseMoneky , now just install this facebook hack script in your greasemonkey , just click on the green install button on the top right of the above page , while your greasemonkey is enabled to get it installed .

Once this is installed visit anyones page and you will be able to see the photos without his/her permission needed . 

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4 thoughts on “FaceBook Trick to View Anyones Private Album Photos and Pics sans Permission

  1. Facebook

    it is possible only when you have that locked album proper URL , i think then we can view but recently fb blocked thta also.

    Anyone have anyother tricks.We can view pic f any one tag locked pics .

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