We have always dreamt of a smart and accurate gesture controlled user interface that can prove to be the most simple form of communication between the real and virtual world. With this aim in mind Japan based Fujitsu Labs developed the next-generation user interface technology that enables intuitive, fingertip operations very accurately creating an extremely interactive system for the real world.

Fujitsu developed an Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Fujitsu developed an Interactive Touchscreen Technology

This new technology can accurately detect where the user’s finger is and what it is touching, and uses off-the-shelf cameras and projectors. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment and overcomes imprecise tracking—issues posed by conventional technologies.

The new technology uses the cameras together with a projector to enable a user to trace a finger across a document on a table, copy it as digital data, and display it. This simple interaction with objects makes the technology an interface between people and ICT services, thereby expanding the ways in which ICT is employed.

— Fujitsu (Press Release)

Any information can be imported from the real world to the virtual world. Just select what you think is necessary and let the projector do its job for you, be it any kind of surface.

Fujitsu Laboratories now plans to involve more R&D activities into this  new system and its applications and is also aiming to commercialize it in 2014.

Fujitsu Next-Generation User Interface for Intuitive Touch-Based Operations (Video)

So what do you think of this people…???? Japanese is certainly the smartest brains on Earth 😉