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By | July 28, 2012

How will an organization ever function without Microsoft Office. Infact we can even address Microsoft office as our business partner, a friend, in short our partner in crime. Microsoft has recently released beta version of Office 2013. And the most important change that Mirosoft that has done in Office 2013 is completely changing the look and feel of the interface, Microsoft has opted for Metro Style look (like it has offered in Windows 8) for the new office.

Download Microsoft Office 2013

Download Microsoft Office 2013

Now we all love Microsoft Office for its super amazing features, the ease with which it handles our query and our mistakes. The new Office 2013 is coming with inbuilt PDF Editor :), yes true, now it will be very easy to create and edit PDF files at the same time.

Feature of Office 2013

  • One can use Stylus to create/ edit/ erase/ notes and even handwrite notes to text. The stylus can also be used ad pointer for presentations purpose
  • The new office 2013 offers Touch Input. You can swipe across your screen, zoom it and it looks very impressive.
  • New Office offers OneNote and Lync, the first of its kind Windows 8 Application.
  • The documents created will automatically be saved in SkyDrive by default, and thus you can have the ease to access your docs from anywhere.
  • Office 2013 also offer Digital Note Taking, you can easily store your notes on clouds and keep them handy whenever needed with OneNote.
  • It also comes with 60 minutes of Skype world minutes every month 🙂 One can send IM’s over Skype

After looking at the video on the new Office 2013 I was completely thrilled. Its certainly the best office that you might have ever seen.

Microsoft Office 2013 Welcome Video


You can signup and download Microsoft Office 2013 here 

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