image Speed up your WordPress Blog in the quickest and best possible manner including Server side and client side improvements via this plugin named Web Optimizer, from the description on the plugin page and it’s presence on the Google code repository It  made me firmly believe that this plugin will surely get the task of Speeding up and Boosting slow loading times a easy job for any novice user , as it has all the characteristic of a Server side and client side optimization routine .

On Server side

it compresses pages and uses gzip compression if supported  , also It tries to make CSS sprites which get loaded quicker on the client side , it also employs various Apache hacks and htaccess tricks to get the task done .

On Client side

it minifies CSS and JS and also optimizes HTML

Feature list is exhaustive and enthralling , take a look and be tempted to use it

Note –

If you use Wp-Cache or Wp Super cache disable them before using this and they may conflict as both essentially do the same on server side stuff while this Web optimizer does various client side optimization too .

Simple 1-click installation
  • overall website acceleration in 1 minute;
  • express install requires no advanced knowledge;
  • default options guarantee optimal performance;
  • monitor for traffic / visitor’s time savings;
  • average speed up is 300-500% (up to 1000% or 98 by YSlow).
Powerful and fast algorithm
  • caching for minimized files;
  • caching for gzipped files;
  • fast HTML code parsing (3-10ms);
  • server side load decrease (by number of requests).
CSS / JS files merging
  • dozens of JavaScript files are combined into 1;
  • dozens of CSS files are combined into 1;
  • libraries can be excluded;
  • inline code and external scripts are included by default;
  • all code is minified and compressed.
Unobtrusive JS and dynamic loading
  • by default scripts are moved to </head>;
  • scripts can be moved to </body>;
  • scripts can be loaded on onDOMready;
  • counters can be moved to </body>;
  • ads can be moved to </body>;
  • no blocking scripts!
HTML minify / strip comments
  • simple and fast regexp for HTML code;
  • comments can be striped;
  • one-string mode for HTML code.
Earlier flush of content (first 1-2 Kb)
  • can help for CPU intensive websites.
CSS Tidy / simple regexp for CSS
  • CSS Tidy 1.4 to minify CSS;
  • if no CSS Sprites and data:URI simple regexp is used;
  • minimization up to 50%.
JSMin / Packer / YUI Compressor for JavaScript
  • YUI Compressor if java is installed;
  • JSMin by default (with conditional compilation);
  • Packer for non-gzip systems;
  • minimization up to 50%.
GZIP for HTML / CSS / JS / ICO files
  • via .htaccess if it is possible;
  • via PHP for HTML / CSS / JS (ob_gzhandler);
  • static gzip to prevent CPU wasting;
  • additional check via cookie;
  • minimization up to 85%.
Optimized .htaccess for Apache
  • mod_gzip;
  • moddeflate (+ modfilter);
  • mod_mime;
  • mod_rewrite;
  • mod_headers;
  • mod_expires.
Client side caching for CSS / JavaScript / HTML files
  • 10 years for CSS / JavaScript;
  • GET param to clear cache;
  • optional HTML caching;
  • conditional caching (ETag);
  • customizable time for HTML.
Client side caching for static assets
  • docs / video / others;
  • via .htaccess.
Server side caching for minified CSS / JS / HTML files
  • static gzip;
  • static combine & minify;
  • prepared HTML file.
CSS Sprites (background images merging)
  • up to 3 images from 100+;
  • optimized via;
  • no initial Sprites required.
data:URI (+ IE7- hacks)
  • for images up to 24 Kb in size;
  • .cur, .htc, .eot, .ttf files excluded;
  • * html hack for IE6;
  • *+html hack for IE7;
Multiple hosts for static assets
  • HTML images + CSS images;
  • 15+ default hosts;
  • optional auto-check for availability;
  • need only DNS records and aliases in server configuration.
CSS Images optimization (via
  • PNG can be reduced by 30%;
  • GIF can be reduced by 60%;
  • JPEG can be reduced by 20%.
PHP4/5 — Apache module or CGI
  • tested on Denwer;
  • tested on VPS;
  • tested on shared hosting;
  • tested on collocation;
  • PHP4 backward compatibility.
  • additional security;
  • no need to download & install;
  • all options are saved.