Finally yahoo launched it’s messenger 9.0 and removed that beta after it ‘s name , so yahoo messenger 9.0 is finally out  "No more beta" and you can download it from



New features include ,

Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox, A new application that once embedded into your blog, website or social network page, lets visitors IM you anonymously (or they can identify themselves) without need of downloading or having a yahoo account.

New skins, now there are 12 skins to play around with three new skins (Silver, Ruby Red, Mystic Black). Inline video & picture viewer for viewing videos within your IM chat window.

Other features and changes include:

  • New Emoticons introduces based on user feedback.
  • Yahoo Games make a comeback.
  • Forward incoming calls from Messenger to your mobile or any phone.
  • Add friends to contact list from Orkut, Gmail, AOL and lots more.

also, some design changes have been done with two split views for your contacts , so download it and have fun with the all new Yahoo Messenger 9.0

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