We all love playing Dots on our Apple devices, it surely is the game about connecting the dots. But this time Dots connected a couple’s life. Shawn contacted Dots team and asked if they could develop a special game for his girlfriend Cassie who loves playing the colourful game of Dots, which in the end would display “Will You Marry Me Cassie ?”

Dots Marriage Proposal

The Dots team took up the role of cupid in Shawn’s and Cassie’s life and decided to make a special version of the game just for Cassie who is now Shawn’s fiancée. As Cassie began to play Dots, she realized that apart form scoring points she is also about to score a husband 😛

Dots Marriage Proposal of Shawn to Cassie

Dots Marriage Proposal of Shawn to Cassie

When Shawn asked us to help him propose to his girlfriend, we couldn’t say no. We made a special version of Dots for him with a special surprise at the end. Congratulations to the happy couple! Engaged 12/14/2013

–Team Dots

The Dots team uploaded the video on their YouTube channel. The Dots Marriage Proposal was a cute little proposal with no fuss. And in the end it stood up to whole idea “A Game About Connecting” 🙂

Dots Marriage Proposal (Video)