Don’t Pay Twice for Android Apps When you buy a Second Android Device

By | July 2, 2012

If you are planning to buy a new android phone/tablet in addition to your existing Android phone/tablet then you might be thinking “Will  I have to pay Again for the Apps I Paid on my previous Android Phone / tablet ”  and the short and quick answer is “No”  ,  Android apps are tied to a particular gmail account , so any purchases that you make on one device  can easily be transferred to other device just by signing and associating your existing gmail login with your new Android device and when you connect your new device to internet it will automatically download all your apps that are installed in previous phone , “including the paid ones”  & so you dont have to pay again for the same app .

So, dont think/hesitate any more and this  method has already been tested by several people on Internet including me &  I can say that it works perfectly on atleast devices above Froyo 2.2 as i hav’nt tested this on previous versions and  by the way , no one uses versions of Android lesser than Froyo , so i believe you are good to go  Just remember to “Sign in with the same gmail account with which you paid for the app” , this also automatically implies a lesser known fact that android apps are linked to your gmail account and not your Phone/tablet so even if you lose your phone/ break it you can still get all your paid apps , contacts & everything back if you login on your new device with your previous gmail account  !

Hope this helped , Cheers from Vivek !

2 thoughts on “Don’t Pay Twice for Android Apps When you buy a Second Android Device

  1. Jeannie

    What about apps paid for in itunes? If android has the same app, why am I paying twice to get the same app on my android phone and ipad?

  2. Vivek Yadav Post author

    Sorry Android and iTunes are two different platforms , it’s only upto the App maker to allow payment only once and there’s no way to do that without the app maker making this feature within the app somehow !

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