A marketing campaign by heavy vehicle and equipment manufacturer Volvo straightway went viral and set internet ablaze by fetching 1 million views in just three days since its release on August 15th, 2012. The stunt was performed to highlight the precision and control  of the new FN Series of Volvo Trucks. International World highline record holder Faith Dickey performed the crucial stunt of walking between the wire tied to Volvo Trucks driving at the speed to 80 kmph.

volvo Digital Marketing Campaign by Volvo Truck: The Ballerina Stunt (Video)

Volvo Ballerina Stunt

Volvo BallerinaStunt Digital Marketing Campaign by Volvo Truck: The Ballerina Stunt (Video)

Faith Dickey Performing the Volvo Ballerina Stunt

The Volvo Stunt was filmed at a closed highway in Croatia and with the help of stunt director Peter Pedrero (of James Bond, Harry Potter and Pirates of Caribbean fame) and directed by Henry Alex Rubin. The stunt was a real daredevil act performed by Faith Dickey and there was absolutely no chance of error could be taken while performing it. Have a look at Ballerina Stunt

Volvo Trucks – The Ballerina Stunt


Warning: The stunt was performed by a professional. Do not try this at home