Difference Between Windows 7 and Windows 8 | Major Improvements In Windows 8

By | September 29, 2011


Windows 7 is one of latest and greatest hit from Microsoft Windows,  series of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and media center PCs. Windows 7 was made available to manufacturing on July 22, 2009. Windows 7 was able to make it place among the users because of its simple and user friendly interface. And it is inevitable that the failure of Windows Vista is also another big reason behind Windows 7’s success.

But these days, Windows 8 has become the talk of the town in operating system, Windows 8 is upcoming version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has recently launched the Developer Preview Disk image of their upcoming Operating the Windows 8. Windows 8 is expected to release in 2012 but the Developer Preview of Windows 8 was shown few days back

Thought Windows 8 is still not complete but we can pluck out some major differences in contrast to its popular predecessor version Windows 7 in terms of performance and appearance.

As you can see in the image above that:

  1. Windows 7 preview Release used about 540 MB per 34 processes.
  2. Later Windows 7 SP1 release consumed about 404 MB per 32 processes.
  3. Windows 8 today consumes about 281 per 29 processes.
  4. From this, we can draw a conclusion that Windows 8 has”Significantly” reduced memory usages.
  5. We can expect lesser resource usages in the final release of this operating system

Despite of Microsoft’s claim, that Windows 8 is much more efficient than any other preceding versions, lifehackers performed few test to check whether its true or not. Test was performed on 3.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 6GB RAM, 2 TB Hard Disk and an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT. And the result is here right in front of you.

Windows 8 vs Windows 7 performance comparison:

Tests Performed Windows 8 Windows 7
Boot Time (Windows Screen to Desktop) 0:10 0:35
Compress a ~700MB File 0:29 0:32
Decompress a ~700MB File 0:11 0:12
Duplicate a ~700MB File 0:01 0:02
Encode a Movie in Handbrake 8.06 8:15
Cold Start 9 Applications 0:46 0:46
Open 10 Tabs in Chrome 0:07 0:07
3dmark10 Score 6470 (5218 Graphics, 23098 CPU) 6455 (5199 Graphics, 23448 CPU)
Total Time 9:56 10:29

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Boot Test Video:

So, if you look at the overall performance then Windows 8 is ahead in every test performed.  But sometimes it was seen that Windows 8 was not able to boot in just 10 seconds,  sometimes it took as long as Windows 7’s boot time. But this cannot be considered as a drawback since its just a developer preview, original/final Operating System yet to come. And lets some other improvements in Windows 8  when its made available to manufacturing.

Yes, its true that Windows 8 is totally different from any of its preceding Microsoft’s Operating Systems. As we all know that the Windows Operating system were built for only for laptops, desktops and Smart phones, but Windows 8 goes beyond this boundaries and runs on on anything from tablets to televisions. Now lets have a look at the changes in features and UI of Windows 8 in compare to Windows 7:

1. Touch friendly User Interface:

Touch feature was introduced in Windows 7 itself, but it has revised and developed to make it more simple and exciting than before.

2. New Start Menu:

The conventional concept of Start Menu in Windows family is now out of trend with introduction of Windows 8. If you open an app which requires desktop then you will see the same recycle bin and task bar, but the start button along with features have been enhanced.


3. Enhanced multiple monitor support;

Winodws 8 has better Multiple monitor Support know the fact that users are really in need of running multiple monitors from a single PC. Now you can open start screen in one monitor with its the desktop being displayed in another, or can also choose to display same thing in both for e. g. taskbar on both screens with different icons on each.

4. ARM Support:

In Windows 8, Microsoft has extended its platform besides x86 PC’s. ARM (Acorn RISC Machine)  chip designs which are being used in a growing number of devices are nowadays is now supported by Windows 8.

5. Windows Store:


Another Exciting feature of Windows 8 is Windows Store. We are sorry that we can’t provide you a preview of Windows Store, because it not available for development built. Microsoft’s Windows Store will be a key part of Windows 8, offering desktop apps and an ecosystem for developers.


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    I am delighted to hear the announcemnt of new version of Operating system -Windows 8 and after reading through comparisions conclude that it hasnt go further ahead of windows 7 but improvements to a little further

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