image For all the Internetoholics out there, who want Internet everywhere they go , but don’t want to carry a Data card or USB modem here is a small trick that will get you a Dial up Internet connection ( around 56Kbps ) anywhere you can find a BSNL landline. Yes, I too knew about this since long, but never thought of writing about it . BSNL provides a no registration required service named netone which can be accessed from any BSNL Landline , so if you visit some place and find a landline and your PC or Laptop has a modem port then you are lucky , follow these steps  and get Internet access quick .

1. Connect the phone wire to your PC/ Laptop

2. Create a new Network connection by any name ( under Network connections Control panel )

3. Enter

                 Username = netone

                 Password = netone

                 Number to Dial = 172222

4. Now just press dial and hopefully you will be connected and you can surf Internet , the rates are

   15 Rs. per hour during Daytime and 7.5 Rs. during 11Am to 7Am Night time

This is the actual cost you will be charged, nothing extra and it would be there in your BSNL bill at the end of the month .

Have fun with this trick and keep it as it will definitely save your face many times, when you need internet connection badly and nothing’s around ( although mobile GPRS is doing the trick for most of techies like me )