Now here is some lucrative offer for those who cant to call their buddies or friends for FREE and it is very easy now to call anywhere in India for free using Online VOIP( Voice Over Internet Protocol) services that are being offered by many companies just as part of promotion or to show a demo of their features but you can cash on it by using these free minutes on various services to call for free and enjoy talking with you friends anywhere in India local/STD .

Just visit the providers listed below and sign up there and enjoy the free minutes , later you can re-register using different username or mobile no. ( you can use your friends no. this time) .Here is the list have fun talking for Free .

VOIP Service Provider Free Call Credit


Vopium 30 Minutes


Talkety 30 Minutes

YouCall 30 Minutes

OneTouchIndia 20 minutes


(Append a digit to your original

phone number and Re-register

for more credit)                             10 Minutes

DialSimple 10 Minutes

Update – New Trick

There is a new trick using Rediff local ads, that allows you to place free calls to Indian Mobile or landline numbers,

Follow these steps ,

1. Goto http://localads.rediff.com and click on Post Ads.


2. Now you will be precented with a form, just fill in your details and create a fake ad, let’s say for a Computer Parts Shop and other details too and then click on post Ad.

3. Now just select your location on the map that opens up and save your location

4. You will get a message saying   ‘Your ad will be published in an hour from now.’  Visit http://localads.rediff.com/ after one hour and then search for your ad that you just created. In the text box enter the Destination Number ( Number you wish to Dial) and press Talk Now button.

and you can talk to any person in India , this way the only downside being that the call lasts for 1.3 minutes only and is limited to certain number of calls per day , but still you are getting it free is’nt it !