imageI have a 512Kbps unlimited plan at home which costs me 1350Rs. a month , but since yesterday My speeds got doubled and so is the case for UL750 plan owners. I earlier used to get 64KB/sec. Max  but now It’s going upto 120KB/sec & that is awesome because this is free, I did’nt paid anything to BSNL for this .

After reading & searching on the Internet , I found out that BSNL is giving away such speeds till 26th April as a promotional stunt of some of the new unlimited plans which they would be launching but with a cap on downloads .

Whatever it  may be, Double Speeds for Free is surely Awesome !


You can see , typically when a Home UL1350 BSNL Broadband owner would get .5 Mb/sec , this time is going to .92 Mb/s which is nearly double the speed .

Will keep you all BSNL Broadband users , updated on this ! till then Happy Downloading