Beware of Facebook Photo Notification Scam

By | August 28, 2012

This time when you get an email from Facebook regarding a tagged picture of yours, think twice before opening it, it could be a scam and mght jeopardize your system security.  The new malware is Troj/ Agent-XNN as identified by security firm Sophos. Facebook sends an email notification to you  if a friend tags your picture and even states that who tagged your picture, but this internet virus usually sends a notification as “one of your friends added a new photo with you to the album.” in the email subject and with an attachment along with it. The users are obviously tempted to open the email, and by clicking on the link a ZIP file containing the malware invite the hackers to invade your Windows System.

Here is how the Infected Facebook Email Look

Facebook Photo Notification Scam

Facebook Photo Notification Scam

Facebook is becoming a prominent place for hackers and spammers with a series of unethical activities being practiced by these hackers over this social network.  In July 2012 same incident of email scam was identified by Sophos but unlike this time it did not contain attachment along with the email.

The hackers aim to attack laptops and computers with Blackhole Exploit Kit, which is presently the most popular internet threat circulating the web. The Blackhole exploit kit target the outdated version of browsers, plugins and operating systems. Here are some ways to be secured against Blackhole Exploit Kit.

How to be Secured Against Blackhole Exploit Kit

  1. Make sure your system is updated and key browsers and softwares like Chrom, Firefox, Adobe Flash and Reader, Safari are updated.
  2. Run a good antivirus program regularly to keep your system clean.

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