Ok answer me honestly, don’t you sometimes feel like pulling your hair off while searching for a good domain names ??? And the answer is YES. Well the truth is it is a very important business decision to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and which conveys the nature of your business as well. All the good names are taken so it becomes all the more important to carefully search and then choose a domain name. With this article I shall bring forward to you some really good domain search tools that I have used personally and that taken a lot of load off from my head while hunting a perfect domain name.

Best Domain Name Availability Checker Tools

Best Domain Name Availability Checker Tools

Domain Name Search Tools

Lean Domain Search

A very handy domain search tools that will give you a long list of all the all the prefix and suffix available for your keyword. One can easily sort the search results according to popularity, length and alphabetically and also filter the results quickly.


Impossibility domain search tool comes as a life saver to me at times when I totally go blank. It combines the keyword of our choice with a carefully selected list of nouns, verbs and adjectives, before searching for unregistered domain names and shows results. And also the search is very quick with Impossibility as it uses multiple servers to give us the best results in shortest time.

Domain Typer

Extremely quick and easy to use. Domain Typer is my favourite tool to look up for domains. All you need to do is simply type in the desired name and Domain Typer will display if that domain name is available or not. On the other hand it will also generate random domain names so that you can look up into those also.


If you are looking for some really unique and smart sounding domain names then Wordoid is one tool that will do the magic for you and get you a list of really awesome domain names. You can even select up to five languages, and then see domain names that will look unique and well blended with other languages. With Wordoid you can even opt for quality sift i.e from low to high, which mean that the higher the quality you select for the domain search the better the results it will bring to you. Try this amazing domain research tool by yourself to see the difference.


DomainsBot shows results of available domain suggestions according to your keyword and also has the feature of  displaying expried domain names, or which are for-sale, you can even get a quick Whois result and stats for the domain names that are booked, expired or are for sale. DomainsBot also has an  iPhone app and give you instant domain search convenience in you Apple device.


Panabee is a very simple tool to look up for domain names, app names, and company or personal names. If you find out that the exact domain name that you are looking for is taken then Panabee will provide suggestions to you relating to your original domain idea, the syllables, abbreviations derived from the original domain name, adding prefix and suffixes to the domain name that you desire.


Namestation is perhaps one of the oldest and popular domain search tool available on web. The domain name generator feature on Namestation will combine all the keyword list that you provided and then generate name according to it. You will find phonetic names, prefixes and suffixes added to your domain name, and the list is very which will be generated for you.

If you have more to add up to the list please let us know which domain tool works great for you. Till then happy searching 🙂