Best Android Apps in Every Category June 2012 – My List

By | June 1, 2012

imageMost of you geeks , would be having a Android phone now days and the richer ones would be flaunting their iPhone but when it comes to how you actually use it , then it all boils down to what all kind of apps you have installed and what wallpapers / Launchers you use to make your mobile / tablet stand out and provide far better features than your friends / Foes ! and although there are thousands of apps but that also introduces the dilemma of choice so here are the ones that are the best in my opinion and you wont need anything else  in that category if you have an App from  ones listed below .


I have detailed here some of the Android apps which I have been using for more than 3 months now on my Galaxy note and  find them to be the best in their category , These ones are the best as I usually install 3-4  apps of each category  and after playing with them remove the  less powerful apps  so If you are a new / not so techie android user , just go with my advice and you’ll be happy ( Cant say the same for Geeks as they never listen to anyone ! )


Best Web Browser Android App ( Dolphin Browser HD )



Dolphin browser HD has everything and it is closes to a desktop browser , also having gesture browsing and voice commands , moreover  text reflow is awesome and with the support of addons , you can easily add features like Alexa rank finder, read it later , Evernote share, language translator and lots more . It beats Chrome beta for android completely and you will feel like browsing  with all your extensions as you do with chrome on desktop but unfortunately chrome browser for mobile does not has extensions yet , so till then Dolphin HD is the King !



Best Video Player Android App ( MX Player )




Yet another impeccable app and the one I use most , with super clean UI and controls for brightness and volume right on the screen  and also a lock to prevent video pause / stop due to accidental  touch is another cool feature , it plays every format possible(generally used ones , mkv , avi , mov , wmv , 3gp , mp4 , flv and lots more ) and uses multi core decoding so dual core android owners will have superior software codec playback too



Best Music Player Android  App ( TTPod )



TTPod is a chinese player but  don’t worry it provides english menus Smile  , best part about this player is it’s looks (UI) and necessary features like Equalizer , Lyrics scroller, uber cool Visualizer , Auto turn off after certain time (If you generally fall asleep while listening then it’s a real good feature )  and it also download/fetches the mp3 artwork from song/internet and uses the whole background  for it giving it a treat to watch and audio quality is superb and customizable , thanks to equalizer


Best Camera / Photo Effects Android App ( Pixlr-o-matic )




Pixlr-o-matic offers several effects and can use image from camera / gallery as source , with some super cool effects which I think are better than instagram and also borders  etc.  , I love this app for completely transforming photos of my friends and family and they love it too Smile



Best File Manager Android App ( ES File Explorer )



If you have this I wonder you will ever need any other app on your phone (Kidding !) , it has some really cool features , most importantly accessing Files on you WiFi / Lan  from a Windows Share , Has unzip/unrar and can also create zip/rar files  , can also manage your cloud storage (Dropbox, box, google drive, skydrive ) , has a inbuilt video/audio player and  image/text viewer , Overall it’s The app that you should install as your first and keep it on your phone all the time !


Will keep Updating this post with my favorites in other categories too , so bookmark this page !

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