Bandwidth Limit Exceeded – Cannot see Hotlinked Images ?? – The Solution

By | September 22, 2008

bandwidth  You might have seen at some highly visited forums or Websites that the images on a particular page or thread does not show up, instead you get a small thumbnail saying "Bandwidth limit Exceeded" or a message saying " Stop Hotlinking images from my server you fool !! " . this happens when the uploader of image uploaded the image  on a host like or he/she stealed the image from someone else’s Blog/Website without re-uploading it on his/her own hosting .

In any case the user /viewer is the looser as you might be searching for some information desperately and when you reach that page , the desired information is not there ( I know it feels hopeless and frustrated) but using the solution I provide here you can easily bypass Hotlink protection and you can see that image . Do not do this everytime as it will be hurting some webmaster somewhere but do it only when you need it badly .

Firefox users

Install Web Developer Addon

and now disable referrer as shown

webdev disable referer

Opera Users -  You can disable referrer information using your  Tools->Quick preferences  menu and uncheck the option "Send Referrer Information"


opera disable referer 

IE users – I could not find a tool/plugin to do it , but you can still disable referrer information (ie. send a blank referrer) by actually copying the address of image and pasting it in address bar of anew tab or window , so you will have to copy paste URL of each image that is not showing and paste it onto your IE address bar .

I have not covered other Browsers as these are the Major browsers being used by people and i cannot cover each and every browser here .. The last trick for IE works for any browser !!


Hope this helped ..

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