A Free Sony Ericsson PC Suite Alternative with Many Features and small Size

By | July 5, 2009

image I am absolutely a fan of this software, It is a freeware and it works with compatible with all Phones from SonyEricsson except P800i, P900i and P910i . This software came to my rescue way back when I lost my PC suite CD and did not wanted to download a 25 MB or more of PC suite , so I searched the Web and found My Phone Explorer and believe me I am totally stunned by the number of features it provides and in my honest opinion it is far much better than a Sony Ericsson PC suite .


Download is Free and is about 4Mb in Size, Once Downloaded just plug your USB cable or Enable bluetooth on your phone and your Laptop or PC and this magic software will automatically detect your Sony Ericsson phone ( Just press F1 or  goto File-> Connect ).image

Once connected you can do several things like,

  • Sync your contacts with Outlook ( You have to do some settings in File->Settings->Sync first )
  • Send  Sms to any one in your contact list
  • See recieved, Dialled and missed calls
  • View Network details, like network signal and Battery level
  • Access and modify Calendar, Notes, Alarms on your Phone right from your PC
  • Check your Messages Inbox, Outbox,Sent items
  • Send/Recieve Files on Your Phone Memory and Memory card
    and it has even more features in the extras menu section.
    Here are some screenshots to give you a rough idea of what this tiny beast can do ,
    Sending a SMS to anyone in your contact list with a automatic suggestion dropdown list and emoticons etc. and even a ‘Save as Draft ‘ option .


Check Your Battery status and Network details including signal strength, temperature, network provider, IMEI  and more .


    Now, in this Extras section you have this Phone keypad option that is really cool , it’s like controlling your phone via your mouse and pressing keys as you would on your keypad


Here, is a complete look at the Extras menu and some features it provide .



I loved this image Wizard feature which allows one to take any image and resize it for Wallpaper on phone or as a contact Image .


One more thing I noted just now, while I was typing this a incoming call from one of my friend caused the software to show a Popup on screen saying incoming call ( Answer/Reject ) although you can talk directly with your PC mic. you have to use your phone anyhow .

I would highly recommend  it to every Sony Ericsson phone owner, easy to use and you would love it, I know it .

5 thoughts on “A Free Sony Ericsson PC Suite Alternative with Many Features and small Size

  1. Petethegiantmonkey

    Word! This software is amazing! So much better than the bloat of the official pc suite software. Runs smoother and syncs text messages faster. Awesome!

  2. Vivek

    @petethegiantmonkey Yes Buddy you are right , I absolutely love it for the plethora of features and the ease of use it provides and above all it’s free .

  3. wandibara

    I have difficulty on using SE PC Suite with bluetooth connection. I have tried this software, and it really works!
    Thanks a lot!

  4. sachin

    simply great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what an awsm software bro i was searching for that kind of software for a very long time ….and the official sony ericsson pc suite just suxxxxxxxxxxxx………..its working like a charm…
    thanks dude
    thanks a ton

  5. admin Post author

    I love MPE myself a lot, it has some unique features like sending sms from PC and the virtual keypad in tools , a must try for every Sony Ericsson user

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