5 Free Must Have Apps for Android

By | November 26, 2011

Its certainly Android that is the most talked about operating system for mobile devices, and not only mobile phones but also many other electronic devices. Andorid’s features, security, applications everything add to the great users experience. Presented below are some of the best free app for Android and are very easily downloadable form Android Market.  

Best Free Android Apps

Best Free Android Apps

Where’s My Droid

Absolutely free and very useful app for any Android lover who loves his or her phone. “Where’s My Droid” app will make the phone ring to the maximum or vibrate when the phone receives a message containing specified words or phrases, for eg. “Where’s my droid?” or “attention”. One can even locate his or her phone if GPS is enabled on their cell phones.

Words with Friends Free

A brilliant wordplay game and one of the best games over Android Market. One can even throw a challenge and invite their friends to play Words with Friends Free even if they are one some different operating system. So what are you people waiting for, go ahead and download.


Androids are not known for good snappers, but one can get good pictures by installing a simple android app for good photography. FxCamera enables you to take a picture with various effects: 

  • ToyCam
  • Polandroid
  • Fisheye
  • SymmetriCam
  • Warhol
  • Normal

Catch Notes

One more very handy and and easy to use app for Android. With Catch Notes installed in you android one can Capture photos, jot notes, record voice memos, map your location and attach reminders. One can use catch notes as an alternative for evernote because evernote takes a lot of time and and lacks speed. Catch Notes is very fast and light in usage. 

Astrid Task/Todo List

It is everyone favorite to-do list maker for every Android user. Astrid Task / ToDo List  features reminders, lists, sync, a widget, task sharing, optional instant notifications  including due dates and alarms, and it syncs with Google Tasks also.  Astrid Task / ToDo List was presented with “#1 Productivity Application by the Android Network Awards”



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