Photoshop skills are must for anyone who aims to be a Graphic Designer or a Website Designer. Creativity is the word that rules the world of designing. The resources are many from where one can learn Photoshop, here in this article we present you the list of five best Photoshop learning YouTube channels.

Adobe Photoshop Channel

Adobe Photoshop Channel YouTube 300x158 5 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Channel YouTube

This is the official photoshop channel from Adobe Corp. You can learn a lot of tips and tricks here. You can gt some exclusive and very interesting video tutorials from Photoshop Hidden Gems (a playlist of 14 videos) telling about, editing videos on CSS5, manipulating and synthesizing images, restoring old pictures, removing unwanted images, automated lens correction, some really surprising effects, and many more videos.


TutorVid 300x183 5 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Photoshop

TutorVid YouTube Channel

TutorVid is a place where you can learn Photoshop from very basic stage to advance stage. One of the very interesting playlist on TutorVid is Learn Photoshop in 60 Seconds/ Days which is a group of 32 video tutorials of around 60 seconds that will allow you to easily learn Photoshop in 60 seconds / day or find an answer to a specific question quickly.

Pixel for Life

PixelForLife Tutorials 300x129 5 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Photoshop

Pixel For Life Tutorials

Apart from learning Photoshop, Pixel for life also have video tutorials for teaching areas like HTML-PHP mail form coding and CSS. Pixel for Life youtube channel provides some great insights on Web Designing and Graphic Designing also.

Photoshopmama OPD (Obsessive Photoshop Disorder)

Photoshopmama’s OPD 300x197 5 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Photoshop

Photoshopmama’s OPD

Funny name but certainly one of the best places where you can learn photoshop. Photpshopmama is a Photoshop certified expert and teaches all about Photoshop from her YouTube channel. Photoshopmama YouTube channel is for anyone who had passion for designing and creativity. 

IceFlowStudios Photoshop Video Training

IceflowStudios Photoshop Video Training 300x186 5 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Photoshop

Ice flow Studios Photoshop Video Training

IceFlowStudios Photoshop tutorials cover every feature that one needs to learn. Every minutest details has been provided through a series of playlist on the YouTube channel.

These were some of the good YouTube Channels that can provide a great insight and improvise your Photoshop skills. There are many other YouTube Channels for learning Photoshop, if you know any other interesting channel then do share with us.

With good practice anyone can master the art of designing, so just keep practicing and keep designing icon smile 5 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Photoshop