5 Best Sports Games for iPhone and iPads

By | December 26, 2011

If you own an iPhone then these are some of the best sports games for an iPhone and iPad lover. Play some of the best games this winter to keep yourself full of energy. NBA, FIFA, all are here with new and updated versions. Check out some of the best games for iOS.

Best Sports Games for iPhone and iPads

Best Sports Games for iPhone and iPads

Best Games for iPhone


Catch the NBA action now on your iPhone with NBA Jam. You are sure gonna enjoy adrenaline rush of players, the slam dunks that you have never seen and what not. NBA jam is one of the best baskeball game for yout iPhone and now it comes with iOS5 support.

iOOTP Baseball 2011

After all that basketball action now its time for some Baseball. Out of the Park Baseball ( iOOTP ), the most realistic and best-selling baseball management game ever created and trust me its very addictive and enjoyable. Latest version of iOOTP is 1.2.1

FIFA Soccer 2012 by EA SPORTS™

The most loved game of the world FIFA is indeed one of the most loved game for iPhones and iPads also. Full soccer game with improved features has made FIFA the most sort after games in Apple Store. Enjoy FIFA with vibrant graphics, ultra realistic animations, and the most responsive control ever on your iPhone and iPads

Super Stickman Golf

One of the greatest apps on iTunes by user review. Super Stickman Golf is an amazing and unique Golf game of iPhones and iPads. Its no ordinary game.. it’s actually an award winning physics puzzler. The game comes with a warning: Once you pick up this game, you may not be able to put it down.


  • “Super Stickman Golf is my new Angry Birds!” -MTV
  • “One of the best platforming games on the iPhone” -Gamepro
  • “A perfect 5-star rating. This is a near-flawless sequel” -Macworld
  • “One of my favourite games!” -Toucharcade
  • “Definitely a must grab title” -Appspy

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance HD

Its not NFL, enjoy some American Football scene on your iPhone and iPads with Backbreaker 2 HD. Tackling, trucking, jumping – it’s all here! Its the best Backbreaker game, so enjoy it.

The above is the list for some of the best games for your iPhone that will make you more addictive.

source: itunes.apple.com

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