5 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

By | December 29, 2011

Google chrome is indeed a very good internet browser. And with variety of extension supporting it, chrome is the most loved browser over internet. Here we present some of the best chrome extensions to increase your productivity over internet, and effective time management also.

Best Chrome Extensions

Best Chrome Extensions

Best Chrome Extensions

1. Send to Google Drive

This chrome extension is very effective in saving the webpage or a website in a pdf format and upload it to google docs. it will make the acceptability of the site very easy.

2. Evernote Web

Evernote is one of the most loved application over internet. You can create, organize, search and access data from anywhere in your system using Evernote

Features for Evernote Web

  • Save all of your notes, research and projects into one place
  • Create task lists and to-dos so you’ll never forget a thing
  • Clip interesting webpages using Evernote browser extensions and plugins
  • Attach images, audio, PDFs, and any file type

3. Awesome Screenshots

With the help of Awesome Screenshots you can capture a part or whole of the webpage as an image then annotate, edit, erase sensitive data and share image accordingly. The extension is simple and easy to use.

4. Creately Online Diagramming

Creately is a very efficient and effective collaborative app. You can Flowcharts, UML, Mindmaps, UI Mockups, Sitemaps and more with very easily. You can draw any diagram

  • Flowcharts
  • UML Diagrams
  • Network Diagrams / Rack Diagrams
  • UI Mockups / Wireframes
  • Site Maps
  • Gantt Charts
  • Concept Diagrams
  • Mind Maps
  • SWOT Diagrams
  • Organization Charts
  • Business Processes
  • Chemistry Lab Diagrams
  • Fishbone Diagrams
  • K-12 templates

5. Listhings

It is the easiest way to keep notes. You can make sticky notes, drag-drop images onto it and even share it with friends and family.

“Listhings is about the easiest web-based notekeeping service, like, ever.”
— Chris Pirillo (Tech Expert for CNN.com)

The above are some of the best chrome extensions, utilize these and give a review. Tell us of you know any other application that you are using and are effective.

source: chrome.google.com


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