2 Chrome Extensions to Quickly Show Lyrics of Youtube Music Video

By | December 1, 2011

We are the first one to hit Youtube to watch those music vidoes but often the last to interpret the lyrics, and then coming out with some of the hilarious remixes of our own 🙂 But don’t worry in this article I shall tell you some of the tools that you can utilize to load lyrics along with the music video clips.

Load Lyrics along with Youtube Videos

Load Lyrics along with Youtube Videos

Google Chrome is by far the best internet browsers that I have seen. There are some google chrome extensions that enables us to view lyrics along with the video clip that we are playing.

Chrome Extensions to Load Lyrics With Video Songs

Lyrics for Google Chrome™

You can sing along any of your choice with Lyrics for Google Chrome extension. You can choose the lyrics to open next to video clip or on the different tab of your chrome browser. This extension enables you to add a lyrics section to YouTube™, Grooveshark™, Last.fm™ and Google Music™.

How it works

  • A small icon displays on the right hand side of  URL bar
  • Click on that icon and lyrics are fetched from LyricsWiki™
  • You can also do your own search for lyrics, by typing “lyrics …”
  • You can even type a word or a phrase of a song if you do not remember the lyrics.

Install Lyrics for Google Chrome

Music Video Lyrics for YouTube

This is also another extension of google chrome with which one can see lyrics of songs along with youtube videos. Music Video Lyrics for YouTube fetches lyrics in the background as you browse YouTube for your song from popular websites and makes it available in a popup.

The above mentioned are some of the browser based apps to assist you in finding the exact lyrics of YouTube videos of your choice. Try using it and sing along and kiss goodbye to those funny interpretations that we made while listening to our favorite songs 🙂

If you know any other web app then do comment and let us all know.

source: chrome.google.com/webstore

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