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full fared Exoskeleton suit's concept

Futuristic Technology of Militaries in the World

Futuristic Technology of Militaries of the World Tanks were used during World War 1 for the first time in the history of warfare; nobody knew about this technology before but today it a necessity for every armed force in the world. In today’s modern warfare


The 10 Best Car Racing Games Ever !

We all are playing car racing games since out teenage or childhood. Some of them were so memorable that if anybody gives those games back to us for playing again, it would be a matter of sheer pleasure for us. Here is the list of

How to download youtube video from Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Download Ultra HD 4K UHD and 1080p HD Video For Free

We all know that 4k-UHD displays still cost a bomb. However day by day we are witnessing more and more manufacturers putting their hands in the UHD technology to reach more customers. But even if some of us have the UHD display we need a

PDF Eraser: Edit PDF for Free

How to Edit, Erase, Delete, Add Images, Cut A PDF File

We daily receive PDF files that are often loaded with some unwanted information or data be it text image or any other information that is unrequired. And often one gets muddled with the question How to Edit a PDF File ? There are many softwares