Pokémon Go Creator – John Hanke’s Inspiring Story

Pokémon Go is undoubtedly the chart-topping app, both on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In just a matter of a week since its launch on 6th July Pokémon Go has broken had a record breaking downloads i.e 10 million+ in its the first week, which by far exceeds Twitter daily active users, and a higher… Read More »

Everything about Pokemon Go: How to Play Pokemon Go

The crazy augmented reality game Pokmon Go is already a smash hit and is spreading like wildfire. With the game available for both iOS and Android users, Pokemon Go is a craze in the USA, Australia, New Zealand in a matter of one week since its launch. Most of us must be contemplating how to… Read More »

Spoiler Alert: Truth Behind A Perfect Photograph

Budding photographers are always looking for a perfect moment to capture in their lens, and many times they struggle hard to get a perfect shot. Well, we cannot always wait for a perfect moment to just arrive in front of us, sometimes the moments need to be created. Yes, you got it right, even the best of… Read More »

Avast Acquires AVG for $1.3 billion in All Cash Deal

Avast is all set to acquire AVG for $1.3 billion in an all-cash deal in order to expose more market and increase its user base to 400 million, which includes 160 million mobile users using mobile security products.  Currently, Avast has a user base of 230 million.

2 Killer Reason to Use Waze rather than Google Maps

When it comes to navigation the first name that will strike any normal Android or iOS user shall be Google Maps. Any why wouldn’t anyone use Google Maps, after-all it is the best of all navigation Apps and has reigned as the Navigation King B), and it’s a plus if you have Google Now installed… Read More »

China Just Built World’s Largest Telescope to Track Aliens

China officially confirmed that it finished building World’s largest radio telescope in Pingtang County, located in the southwest area of China’s Guizhou Province. The telescope is known as Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), which is has been cut out of a mountain in Guizhou. The size of the gigantic reflector used in FAST is equivalent to 30 football fields put together.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone without iTunes

We all fall in love with iPhone for its ability to capture great quality pictures which can make a photography learner look like a pro. But sometimes most of the iPhone users struggle with iTunes and getting a hang a hang over it, not all of us understand iTunes synchronization in order to transfer our… Read More »

Convert Video to make it Compatible to Any Device

There must have been times when you must have received an interesting video on your Android, iPhone, iPad or PC but as soon as hitting the play button the resultant screen is a blank page in front of you…Reason: The video is not compatible to be viewed on the device owned by you. 

Apple iPhone 6s To Feature 5MP Front-facing and 12MP Rear-facing Camera

Rumors don’t seem to end for Apple iPhone 6s arrival. The past also indicated the the rumored Apple iPhone 6s will feature a mammoth 12MP Rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The fresh documents that are circulated in the which are rumored to be from Foxconn (the OEM manufacture for Apple).